The Xammux

A lesser deity of the Pantheon.
Portfolio: Analytical Thinking, Forbidden Knowledge
Domains: Darkness, Evil, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: Short Sword (referred to by the clerics of the Xammux as a ‘long knife’)
Clerical Bonus: Gain the ability to cast Mechanus Mind once per day as a Spell-like Ability.

Not a single god, but an entity composed of at least six separate beings, the Xammux represents cold, analytical thinking taken to its highest limits. The Xammux serves as the patron of utter indifference and of delving into forbidden knowledge through exploration and experimentation.

The symbol of the Xammux is a pair of glistening, razorsharp steel calipers. The Xammux is neutral evil. It is associated with the Evil, Knowledge, and Darkness domains. Its favored weapon is the short sword (which clerics of the Xammux call a long knife).

Clerics of the Xammux are cold, uncaring beings who are fascinated by knowledge. They think nothing of dissecting living creatures simply to learn more about their biology. They place creatures in torture chambers to see how long they can withstand terrible pain before their psyches crumble.

The temples of the Xammux are usually stark stone edifices filled with traps and ingenious locks, though the few temples that can be found within civilized cities generally forgo these measures. White plaster often covers the interior walls. Altars dedicated to the Xammux are always made of polished steel.

Surprisingly little information is actually available about the Xammux. Rumors about the Xammux include that many of it’s worshipers join the University of the True, that worshipers who serve it exceedingly well will become a part of it in death (or perhaps avoiding death altogether), and that the first individual to make the Xammux was the artificer who originally created the firearm.

Notable worshipers of the Xammux have included the human Karin, the doppelganger Vanessa Weather, and the twin dwarf brothers Alric and Ulric Stoneforge.

The Xammux

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